Feel Like You Could Use More Help, Killing Your Gout?
Let’s Do This TOGETHER:
Accept This Invitation To Join My PRIVATE Gout Killer Support Group Below And Experience The Relief, Confidence, And Healing That Comes When You’re Plugged Into A Community Of Gout Sufferers, Just Like You...

... People Who Know Your Struggles, Who Can Offer You Wisdom & Support.
Dear Friend,

I know how tough it is to face down the Gout monster alone.

So I’d like to further increase the support you’re getting ...

... ​​​​​​
By inviting you to become a member of my PRIVATE Gout Killer Support Group.  ​​So you have the opportunity to interact with other gout sufferers, just like you, from around the world, and learn from each other. 

Where Gout Sufferers Go to Trade Knowledge, 
Tips, Stories, & Emotional Support

You Don't Have To Face Gout Alone, Anymore!​​​​​​​

Finding and attending local, in-person support groups is a hassle.

​​​​​​​Especially if you’re in pain and don’t really want to go out…

​​​​​​​(Of course, I’ve never seen a local Gout Support Group, have you?) 

That’s why I created this private, members-only Facebook community for our fellow Gout Killers -- a 100% online support group. 

It’s available for you to visit 24/7, read, add your voice to conversations already underway, and post questions of your own.  So you never have to feel alone with your Gout concerns again. 

Because our community is always there to share your burden, offer support, and help you through whatever challenges gout might be creating in your world today.  

​​​​​​​Benefits Of Joining Our Group Today Include:​​​​​​​
Join today, and you’ll enjoy membership benefits that include:  
Easy access to me (Bert), the original Gout Killer! Ask me your toughest questions.
As our community grows here at The Gout Killer, I’ve had to limit the amount of “free advice” and counselling I offer my subscribers.  I work a day job, too, and I can’t stay up until 1 a.m. every night answering questions.   However, as a member of our PRIVATE Gout Killer Support Group, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with me personally, in a group setting.  Because this is where I’ll be hanging out, answering questions, and facilitating healing conversations.
24/7 access to a community of gout sufferers like you.
You'll having unlimited access to people just like you, at different stages of gout recovery, who are ready to offer advice, tips, and even emotional support and encouragement when you need it. 
No traveling to local groups that have only a handful of members, with limited experience.  
Our community is VAST, covering the entire United States, and of course, the globe beyond!   Your chances of connecting with someone who’s already going through what YOU are going through is much higher.

FAST ANSWERS to your questions.
Got a question?  Need some advice?  Just ask, and you’ll get a wide variety of perspectives with fast answers from our LARGE and GROWING communities of gout sufferers.    Often immediately ... usually within a few hours ... definitely within 24 hours!

Privacy in the “member-only” community Facebook page. 
No posting your private health concerns in a public forum searchable, for example, by employers or family.  Share in our group with as much privacy as a member-only Facebook group can afford.  (Our members really appreciate this combination of privacy and freedom; it’s nice to know that you can safely post a question without your employer or kids being able to see it without joining the group, too!) 
Make lifetime friends with other like-minded folks.
As you get to know other members, you'll get to know their personal stories, including their struggles and successes with gout, as you follow their journey.
I often compare remaining committed to living “gout free” to the commitment it takes for addicts to stay clean.

When you’re feeling GOOD, it’s easy to forget there’s a reason to stay committed to the Gout-Free Lifestyle Program.

That’s why, even once you’re feeling good, living free of gout pain, I know you’re going to appreciate the ongoing access to our community, where you’ll have the opportunity to continue engaging with people in all stages of gout recovery.

Let’s get you feeling good... 

... And then help you maintain the lifestyle necessary to STAY GOUT-FREE! 

​​​​​​​Sign Up Today, And I’ll Activate Your
​​​​​​​Membership By The Next Business Day!

Many gout sufferers sink into a deep depression... 

​​​​​​​... It can be a lot, when you feel isolated, to battle the pain of ongoing attacks ... deal with the financial impact of missed days at work (or even loss of employment) ... and trying to “hide it” from friends and family, so they don’t distance themselves from you ...

Right?  It’s a LOT!  Because who do you talk to? 

Friends and family don’t REALLY understand
what you’re going through.   (And you don’t want to be seen as a whiner.) 

And we all know, employers start to become less sympathetic when you’re taking YET ANOTHER sick day.  Meanwhile, the pain and embarrassment of another ongoing attack that lasts for days ... weeks ... even MONTHS ...  can make you just want to give up and hide away from the world. 

So that’s why I’m here to say: 

Don’t waste another day shouldering the burden of gout alone! 

Sign up today and… 
You’ll feel less alone … less isolated … and less JUDGED! 
Gain a sense of control over your situation.
Get a better sense of what you should expect, as you recover, from people who’ve BEEN THERE! 
Talk to others about alternative therapies they’re using to manage THEIR gout.  
Compare notes with other gout sufferers to find out what’s working and what’s NOT!
... Again, I’m here for you.  And so is our Gout Killer Support Group.
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