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I’ve got three questions for you:

  • How do you describe what it’s like to have a gout attack to someone who’s never had one?
  • How much has gout cost you since your first started getting gout attacks?
  • Are you embarrassed, gimping around with gout, not being able to take care of yourself or your family?

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(Re: Killer Tip #270 – Brian, thanks again.) Hey Bert! In the spirit of this tip….I’d like to send a huge THANK YOU to you, The information you have provided to me has kept me gout free for almost a full year now (Aug 2 2013 was my last attack). My hat is off to you for doing the work you do. Had I followed the advice of my Doctor…I’d likely be taking 47 different pills today and be more fucked up than a soup sandwich. Thanks again…and keep the great tips coming.
~ Brian | Massachusetts
Hi Bert, I am thankful that I can play kick ball with my kids. I am thankful for the 3 miles that I ran last week after being on crutches most of last summer. I am thankful that I ran the fastest mile of life in 6:04 and at 38 years old. I am thankful I can gallop and jump horses which is my job and how I feed my family. I am grateful for my wife who has adjusted the way she buys food and cooks so that I can live without that horrible condition called gout. I am grateful to God for giving me the strength through Christ to make good decisions about my diet and lifestyle. I am grateful for all the help and comprehensive support from Gout Killer Bert Middleton who gives for more than is called for to help people with Gout. Thanks for asking, and thank you for the continued tips and support that have made a big difference. All the best,
~ Shane | Pennsylvania
Hi Bert: It is time to say a big “Thank You” for teaching me to manage my Gout. There is a bit of a confluence of ideas that you work with, all aimed at the reduction of the probabilities of gout and you teach them well. And circumstances in our own lives enabled us to be able to respond to all six-seven areas of your instruction. And sure enough, the past year has proven to be gout free, and I’ve managed to complete all of my intermediate health and wellness goals in the same interval. I think of it as the equivalent of chewing gum and walking at the same time. Not perfect, but very helpful. Now I know that you know that everyone who suffers from gout is not up for the remedies that you endorse, and they prefer to respond with prescription drugs and their various side effects and interactions. But when I found you on the internet I had concluded that a non-prescription solution was what I preferred. So thanks for teaching the tools and methods and giving me the vocabulary for attentive management of this damnable condition. You’re a Prince!!!
~ Sam | Colorado
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