"I Know... You're Here Because You're Having A Gout Attack.​​​​​"
Let Me Help.  I've Been Where You Are... WAY TOO MANY TIMES... ​​​​​​​And I Have The Answers You're Looking For.
Let Me Show You How I've Helped 1000s of Gout Sufferers Like You STOP Their Gout Pain In Just 2-4 Hours, Without Drugs. 

​​​​​​​Plus, How To Stop Living In Fear Of Your Next Attack.  And Get On With Your Life, FREE Of Gout Pain! 

A letter from Bert Middleton
a.k.a. “The Gout Killer”

Dear Friend,
I know gout can feel like a "LIFE SENTENCE"... 

Never knowing when the next attack will strike. Suffering unbearable pain.  Dealing with the emotional, physical, and financial burdens. 

Gout is no joke. 

And it's difficult for "outsiders" to understand just how BAD living with gout can feel. 

...  But I invite you to keep reading:
​​​​​​​Because while I know you’re suffering now, the great news is that I really do have the answers you’re looking for.

To kill your gout.   And start living pain-free.

On the page that follows, you’re going to discover: 

My proven program for making your gout pain VANISH, in the next 2-4 hours. (Even if that sounds crazy to you right now.  I’ll show it’s absolutely POSSIBLE and reasonable for you to EXPECT these results.)  
An introduction to the LIFESTYLE PROGRAM I've used to live FREE of gout for more than 10 years now!  Yup, no more attacks... (This is the SAME blueprint that 1000s of other gout sufferers like you have used to start living gout free, too.  So you can feel confident that it's worth your time, because it has a proven track record of results.)  

There’s no fluff or BS here.

I’m all about getting you straight to the solution. 

So you can stop living with the pain, fear, and embarrassment of gout.  (Stop missing work... stop hiding at home... stop skipping parties with family and friends... stop giving up favorite hobbies... )

And finally start LIVING AGAIN!

I Know This Solution Works... Because It's Kept ME Gout-Free For Over A Decade Now.

A long time ago, when I was 38 years old, I had no idea what the heck the despicable pain in my ankle was.

It all started on a trip back to New Mexico from Texas. 

I’ll spare you the gory details, but a lot of ice and half a bottle of ibuprofen later, I landed in the emergency room.

Twelve more years passed, along with an endless string of gout attacks, surgeries for Tophi, a buttload of drugs, and a variety of experiments based on reading whatever I could find about gout.

Then one day I woke up and said: 
​​​​​​​"Hey, how come I haven't had a gout attack for such a long time?"

I Want You To Know These Secrets, Too...

After years of suffering, I knew I’d discovered something important.

Something that millions of other people suffering from gout would like to know about. It was at that moment I knew I had a responsibility.

So here I am — with all I’ve gone through and all I’ve learned about what gout really is, why it happens, and what to do about it.

You can take it or leave it.

But with my "Kill Your Gout Now" program, I offer you access to a proven "gout killing" system that's worked for me and thousands of other people around the world... 

... It's a 911 emergency response program that gets your gout ON A LEASH and UNDER CONTROL immediately.   With an introduction to my lifestyle program, that starts you on the path to living gout-free, FOR GOOD!

Not sure this will work for YOU? 

Check out just a FEW of the testimonials I've received from fellow gout sufferers: 

Success Stories From Gout Sufferers
​​​​​​​Like YOU Who Have Beat It Using This

Thank Your For Changing My Life...​​​​​​​

 I am a very lucky man. Bert, I have a gorgeous loving wife, but 2 years ago I could barely take a walk with her due to chronic pain. I was spending more time on crutches than not, and I was figuring out how we were going to remodel our home to accommodate being handicapped.

One year ago today I signed up for your plan and began executing. I can happily say that in this year I have been able to join my wife with going back to the gym, haven’t used the crutches once, canned the handicap home plans, and also went on several SNOWBOARDING trips with my wife!!!

We have more snowboarding trips planned and are thrilled to be back amongst the “Active”.

Thank you for changing my life!  Regards, Pete 

No Gout In A Long Time Thanks To You!

“Thank you, Bert, I’ve come a long way. You helped a lot. I was a little goofy there for a while and had a number of physical problems. But gout hasn’t been one of them. 

Frankly your tips can benefit anyone. They are wise and sensible solutions to an overall better life.
Thank you!”  -  Jeff

He Hasn't Had Gout In Over A Year Now!

“Just checking in with you. I wanted to tell you that I haven’t had any gout problems in over a year now.  I sing the praises of [your recommendations] to people all the time.  I will keep you posted!” - Eric

My Boyfriend Tried It... And It Worked!

“Oh, my goodness! My boyfriend tried [your remedy] and, it worked! Thank you soooo soooo much! I was very worried! Thank you, again!”  - Elaine

Lost 15lbs And I've Had No Gout Flares Since November!

“Thanks Bert. Down 15lbs since October 1st. No Gout flares since November 18th. Working on the alkaline diet.” - Jim

It Worked Immediately, Like You Said It Would!

“The remedy worked immediately as you said it would… has kept the swelling down.

Not sure what caused the flare up… but your theory makes sense … The drugs the doctor prescribed were making me sick, so your remedy was a welcome relief.” - Paul

No Full-Blown Gout Attacks Since Using This Program!

“Bert, thanks for all of your help.  I haven’t had a “full blown” gout attack since I took your course.  Thanks!” - Patrick

My Gout Is Finally In Check!

“Thank you, Bert for the information. I placed my order last night for this product. My gout has been in check by using your program and I read on you e-mail.   Thank you very much.” - Richard

Thanks For Leading Us To Gout-Free Lives!

“Way to go, Bert!  As usual, you have done us all a great service by taking us from the 'symptoms to the cause' of the issue.  You have also done this without so much med talk that it goes over our heads. 

Thanks for leading us all with kindness and compassion to Gout free lives!” - Ray

Your Tips Really Work ... The Program Is Great!

"Hi just letting you know I have been following some of your tips and everything works.  Your program is great and you know what you are talking about, so I’m trying to do the right things. Thanks again for the information.” - Anderson

I Have Decided Not To Go On Medication... Thank You!

"Well it is more than a year since you have guided me. Yes, I’m still here and haven’t missed one of your 365 messages. It’s been quite a journey. I’ve learned a lot.  Time for me to say thanks for your help, concern and encouragement. 

I still live in fear of another attack, however I’ve had a really good year. I had a problem on my cruise last year July … but with the Gout Killer formula and some medication they have been short lived.  I have decided not to go on permanent medication. My lifestyle has changed in the last couple of years as mentioned before.

Keep up the good work.”  - Dave From Downunder

Thank God, No Gout Attacks In A Long Time!

“Thank God I haven’t had a gout attack for a very long time, since we were first in touch. Keep up the good work.” - Colm

My Tophi Is GONE! 

“My tophi went away!  It was there for a month … and now it’s gone, my finger looks normal! 

In January I changed my [lifestyle] … thank you for your inspiration.  My gout is gone, I just have arthritis on my fingers, sometimes my feet hurt when I walk.   I’m not changing back to my old ways. 

I know people with Gout are far worse than I was and it was scary seeing those pics of their feet.

I never went to the doctor and took any kind of meds.” - Ruben

Priceless Help for Gout Sufferers! 

“What you do is invaluable to help Gout sufferers.   I haven’t had an attack for over a year by taking note of all of your tips and help. Knowing, what to do and making lifestyle changes are key.  Thanks so much for all you do.” - Mike

I Haven't Had An Attack In Two Years! 

“I have followed your advice for quite some time now and really appreciate your daily messages – keeping everything on track.  I haven’t had an attack for over 2 years now, which is great.  Keep up the good work.  - Kind regards, Lee.

I'm Living Gout-Free And Off The Drugs!

“I’ve been gout free for quite a while now. I’m off the Hep C drug and feeling better… thanks to you.

Keep up the good work Bert.”  - Jeff

I'm Finally In Control! 

“I read EVERYTHING you send.  I’ve changed the mindset with all the info.  Diet has changed.  Attitude has changed.  You’re helping me attack this instead of letting it attack me! Thanks!” -- Rob

Knocked Gout Out Of My Life!

“Thanks for all the pointers and info on knocking gout outta my life! They’ve worked great. The “emergency recipe” is magic!  Please keep the tips coming! They’re good info and important reminders.” - Patrick

In 2 Days, My Gout Is 95% Gone!

“My last attack was Christmas, when I had gout for 3 months on and off.  I was into the second week when I found your website. After a day’s work I was coming home and my foot would swell up to the point that I couldn’t walk.

I have [used your remedy] for 2 days and my gout is 95% gone. I am now a happy bunny. Can’t thank you enough for the information.” - Mantis Fists

Bert Is The Gout Killer!  I Am Living Proof! 

“I’ve been gout free since I first started your program and that alone is a reason to stay on your [program].  Bert is The Gout Killer, I am a living testament to that. Not to mention [these recommendations] are very good for you.”- Jeff

Truly Impressed How Quickly This Worked!

“Thanks. Truly impressed with how quickly [your remedy] dropped the inflammation and pain for a whopping $1.50 trip to the grocery store.  Keep up the good work, the medical community has a lot to learn. Thanks - Vic”

I Am A BIG Follower of The Gout Killer Program!

“First and foremost, I am a big follower of The Gout Killer Program. I do greatly appreciate coming across [it]. 

During a past gout attack (my second in my life) which prompted me to seek your experience I followed the special formula and within hours, the pain was gone, redness less, and [your other recommendations] has all resolved.” - Daniel

This Formula Definitely Works For The Pain! 

“I have been struggling with this demon that calls himself gout for about the last 3 years and never had it attack my knee before and WOW!!! What pain that was, I thought my big toe was the worst it would be but I was wrong. The remedy you have came up with worked out.

Who would of thought that would work, I would love to never feel this pain with gout again because this last flare up was by far the worst I have felt. It was deep in the knee and I am still feeling it when I try to bend down. It feels tight, like I pulled a muscle, but it’s going away, and I am walking again and hoping I never go thru that again.  

So there you go Bert, that’s my situation as of now and the formula definitely works for the pain!” - Peter

THANK YOU ... I Have Been Gout-Free For A Full Year!

“I’d like to send you a huge THANK YOU, the information you have provided to me has kept me gout free for almost a full year now.  My hat is off to you for doing the work you do. Had I followed the advice of my doctor I’d likely be taking 47 different pills today and be more f*cked up than a soup sandwich. 

Thanks again and keep the great tips coming.” - Brian

You Are My Hero ... I Have Lived Gout-Free For A YEAR!

“Today you let the secret out, you have just stored so much gout information up there, trying to help us, that the roots don’t have anywhere to grow. 

Bert I do appreciate your unselfish sacrifice, you have made, so that the last year I have lived gout free. 

You are my hero!  You know I love ya, thanks.” - Jimmy

You Deserve A Medal ... THANK YOU! 

“Thanks Bert!  Without your website, and the gracious assembly of a massive amount of gout information, I and everyone else, would be floundering to figure out what to do.

YOU DESERVE A MEDAL OF HONOR for your compassion for your fellow humans.   Thank you!” - Terri

I Have Been Gout-Free Since We Started Speaking! 

“Hey, Gout Killer… thanks for keeping up with me!!!  I have been gout free since we first started speaking… keep up the fight, you are doing a good thing.  Sincerely - Matthew.

You've Given Me The Tools To Overcome Gout!

“This email is a bit overdue, but I wanted to touch base and let you know how helpful, effective and encouraging your emails are.  The information and pointers that you give for me as a gout sufferer have been a blessing. It has have helped me understand the disease, given me tools to prevent it and have given me hope to overcome it.

Your information helps someone live an overall healthier lifestyle, and enables people to think beyond a single-minded paradigm in an approach to beating gout.

While I sense that my battle with this disease is not done, I feel like it is definitely going in the right direction, and you have been a big part of guiding me and enabling to stay in that positive direction.

And yes, your encouraging words have provided hope.” - Shane

I Don't Plan To Give Up My Hobbies... THANK YOU! 

“Thanks Bert for getting back to me so fast, my gout is subsiding now on your program.  I am feeling better, getting the gout out of my life.  I am 52 and had my 1st attack 7 years ago and the last 3 attacks in the last year.  I can see as I read in your book that it only gets worse if I don’t stop it now. 

I am an avid fisherman and lobsterman , and don’t want to give up any of my hobbies. Thanks for your help.” - Ronnie

Changing Lives... Read The Letter From
 Lifetime Fan And Fellow Gout Killer!


"I Was Ready To Chop Off My Legs To Get Some Relief.

With God As My Witness, The Gout Disappeared In Less Than 2 Hours!

I Was Utterly Astonished!  My Joints Haven’t Felt This Good In 20 Years.

I Have Got My Money’s Worth Many Times Over."

I want to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for all that you do as The Gout Killer!

You are THE MAN!!!

I purchased your “quick fix remedy” and your long term gout killing program in February. On that fateful day I was at the end of my wits suffering from my most painful and longest lasting gout attack (it had lasted from December 23 through February 27). I had gout on both knees, both ankles, and all ten toes.

I was honest-to-God contemplating chopping my feet and legs off just to get some relief.

While at work I somehow managed to find your website, I opened an account and purchased the information I mentioned above. Your “quick fix” information stated that my gout would be gone in 2 to 4 hours. To be honest I didn’t believe that my gout could disappear in such a short time, since my gout normally takes 2 to 3 days to subside while using my liver damaging prescription medication.

With God as my witness, the gout on both knees, both ankles and all ten toes almost totally disappeared by the 2nd hour! I was utterly astonished! How was this possible? By the 6th hour, it was history!

I continued educating myself with your online video sessions and with your written manuals. I found them to be very informative and entertaining, very thorough, comprehensive and eye-opening, but best of all very short and sweet! I

Overall, I feel great! My joints are slowly but surely becoming pain-free. I hadn’t realized how much residual pain I had become accustomed to. Even when my gout attacks subsided, I’ve always had these “leftover” nagging pains in my joints that never seemed to go away.

I had resigned myself into thinking that it was going to be that way for the rest of my life. I’ve noticed that these lingering pains are slowly disappearing as well. My joints haven’t felt this good in at least twenty years. 

I found both the webcasts and the written manuals to be of equal importance. I think they’re excellent as-is. I wouldn’t change a thing. I think you did an extraordinary job in putting your “system” together.  It is quite evident that a lot of thought, research and experience went into designing your system.

Without exaggerating this may be the most valuable item I have ever purchased.

I feel that I’ve gotten my money’s worth many times over. I think that your system would be well worth its value even if it had sold for a couple hundred dollars.

Thanks again, Bert! You are my hero.

​​​​​​​- Sam

Here's What I'll Send You
​​​​​​​(Psst... it's an electronic book, so you get it right away, no waiting for the mailman.)

My promise to you is simple:

I want to give you IMMEDIATE RELIEF from your gout pain in the next 2-4 hours with my proven "Kill Your Gout NOW" program.

And then, introduce you to my #1 rated lifestyle program...

... And put you on the road to living FREE of gout pain. 

(Without living in FEAR of the next attack.)

So invite you to claim a copy of this #1 rated eBook for just $27.  

A price tag that's high enough to make sure those who buy it, value it! ;-)    While covering my costs yet still keeping this solution accessible for all. 

If you love it, as I expect you will, I hope you'll share YOUR success story with me, as it's stories like the ones above that really keep me motivated to do this working late nights and weekends, after my regular 9-5 job. 

And of course, if you're NOT 100% thrilled, you can always contact me for a full refund. 

Although I have to tell you:  less than 1% of people ever request a refund, because the simple truth is this program works.   It gets results fast, and I know most folks appreciate my "just the facts" approach. 

If you're at the end of your rope, as I once was, I hope you'll let me help you.

Grab your copy of "Kill Your Gout NOW" and let me show you how to BE DONE with gout. 

Click Here To Buy It Now.

Try It Risk FREE For 30 Days.
​​​​​​​Comes With 100% Money Back Guarantee.

About The Gout Killer,
​​​​​​​Bert Middleton

Bert Middleton has earned the title of “The Gout Killer” due to his unstoppable approach to overcoming gout completely and naturally.

His understanding of what gout is, why it happens, and how to deal with it has helped thousands of people worldwide to relieve their gout pain and markedly reduce the number of future attacks.

Bert has lived through the pain of hundreds of gout attacks in nearly every joint in his body, and three surgeries for Tophi on his hands and feet. Given these experiences, his thousands of hours of study and research on gout, and his certification as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, Bert understands gout and its treatment from a unique, no-nonsense, and effective point of view.