…I can hear you say to yourself:

“Finally. Finally somebody is going to tell me what to eat for gout.

The wait is over!

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As always, and as it will ever be, your #1 question is:
“What’s In It For Me?”

Let me tell you. You are not only going to get all the “how-to” and direction you need to assemble your own #killgout diet, but you are going to understand WHY. There is more to killing gout than just what you eat or don’t eat, BUT, what you eat or don’t eat is a pretty good place to start.

These are the things that are going to happen when you get your copy of my “What To Eat For Gout” ebook, and how it’s going to change the game of gout for you forever:

WHY eat this?
  • Stop wondering which foods are high in purines and which ones to avoid
  • Find out which foods are “toxic” and “acidifying” and which ones are not
  • Discover why it’s important to steer clear of “food-like substances”
  • Understand clearly why “you are what you eat” AND “you are what you drink”
  • Learn exactly why your freedom from gout depends on FATS
  • …oh no…SUGAR! and how it’s undermining your best effort3 to kill gout
  • Educate yourself about the role that vitamins & minerals play in controlling gout
WHAT should I eat?

  • You should eat Plants AND Animals…just like the gout killin’ caveman we both know  you are!
  • Some foods are “alkaline-forming”, others are “acid-forming”…which ones are which? You will find out.
  • Do you know what “macro nutrients” are?  Do you know what “micro nutrients” are?
  • “Should I eat bread?”  If you want to be a gout struggling diabetic!
  • Learn which vegetables you should cook, and which ones you should eat raw
  • Grains, Gluten, and Gout…what you need to know
  • The “6 Tastes” are how you use food as medicine
HOW-to…to eat?

  • Nutrition = Food Prep…save yourself from a life of gout
  • Emotions = Your Current Diet…which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  • Discover that “when” you eat is just as important to killing gout as “what” you eat
  • Water…along with protein, fat, and carbohydrates…IS a Macro Nutrient
  • Trick Question: Do you read food labels?  (avoid foods with labels!)
  • Learn the “right” way and the “wrong” way to shop for groceries
  • Are you addicted to eating at restaurants?  Get help!
  • There is a good reason to be relaxed when you eat – now you will know why
COOK your own food!

  • Learn how EASY it is to make simple food taste great!
  • Food IS medicine, especially when it comes to gout…if you know what you’re doing
  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners…in less than 5 minutes?!
  • You can make a family meal in ONE skillet?! Absolutely!
  • Discover the secret to perfect brown rice
  • Get the low down on how to sprout grains and why eating sprouted grains are good for gout
  • How does “Rock The Guac!” sound?!
  • Or, “Burn Out The Gout Homestyle Chili”
  • Or how ’bout, “Curry Up & Eat!”
  • and 81 other great gout recipe ideas!

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Let’s re-focus for a second…you’re here because you want to change your life and stop getting gout all the time, right?

Well, this is what you get in the What To Eat For Gout ebook:

  • Purine Content of Foods – starting on page 13!
  • Does Alcohol have a purine content? Find out!
  • Common Antioxidant Foods – starting on page 18
  • Alkaline-forming Foods – page 22
  • Acid-forming Foods – page 23
  • Water, Best to Worst – page 36
  • Common Drinks (page 36) and what how they cause or prevent gout
  • Ayurvedic Taste Types – page 46
  • Herbs & Spices – page 47
  • Healthy Fats – page 49
Design Your Plate!

  • Learn what your #killgout plate of food should look like
  • What Types Of:
  • + Proteins should you eat?
  • + What veggies?
  • + What other carbohydrates?
  • Get the complete “mini-course” on the “Anatomy of a Grain” – why gluten contributes to gout and wheat is dangerous
  • Spices & Herbs: flavor + medicine
  • Throw some FAT on the fire! Your freedom from gout depends on it
  • This Sugar, not that one – fruit for dessert AND…how sugar raises uric acid levels
DYI #KillGout!
  • Set up your gout laboratory! (a.k.a. your kitchen!)
  • What the most important piece of equipment in your #killgout kitchen?
  • Death By Gout: Never Eat Processed Foods
  • What IS a “single ingredient food”?
  • Get a guided tour of your grocery store & how to use it
  • Organic vs GMO frankenfoods
  • Discover the one sure-fire way to evaluate the quality of a “health food” store
  • Get an education of how to read a food label here!

    • Get Fat CAVEMAN Smoothie – page 119
    • “I’m LATE!” Smoothie – page 152
    • MEAT! FISH!
    • Spicy Chicken Stuffed Portobello – page 81
    • VEGGIES!
    • Brussels Sprouts-n-Bacon – page 92
    • PIZZA!
    • Meatzza For Breakfast! – page 112
    • The One-Pan-Magic Breakfast
    • Banana Chicken Korma – page 160
    • Feed-The-Troops Pasta Casserole – page 118

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      What Are You Waiting For?!

      The “what, why, & how” about the relationship of food and gout are right here for you…
      …you have NOTHING to lose!

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